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Dear Friends and Valued Clients-

There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize that it’s time to check out the next chapter… see what else life holds. Well, that’s where Cheryl, Tom and I found ourselves a few months ago. After a brief bit of conversation, we realized we all felt the same... “It’s time to retire!” Between the three of us, we have 115 years in Urban Jewelers. Even we find that pretty impressive!

So, here we go, moving on with life. Cheryl and I want to enjoy our home, as well as do some traveling. Tom is looking forward to spending time with his family. We all plan on taking better care of ourselves, which starts with relaxing and de-stressing from the rigors of running an independent business.

We here at Urban Jewelers have always prided ourselves in giving our clients the utmost in customer service and professionalism. We always wanted our customers to feel confident, and relaxed in our environment, regardless of what they spent. For us, building a relationship was just as important as building a beautiful piece of jewelry.

As we moved through the retirement sale process, many of you expressed concern about who and where you were going to turn to for your jewelry needs, saying it felt the same as having to find a new doctor! Well, it’s probably not that drastic, but we truly appreciate the sentiment. After having given this serious consideration, we have decided that we would rather not make any recommendations. Every store has its own personality and feel about it, so we simply suggest that you visit and/or call other jewelers and see who “feels most comfortable” to you.

In closing, I personally want to say, “Thank You” for all your cards, gifts, bottles of “bubbly”, kind words and even the occasional tear. It’s been a great, 49-year ride! On behalf of my father, Stanley, and employees past and present, thank you for your trust and the privilege of being your Goldsmiths/Gemologist (and Friends!).

Thank you and God Bless!

Master jeweler Mark Urban, owner of Urban Jewelers, creates exquisite custom jewelry in Ann Arbor

 We look forward to providing exceptional service and jewelry expertise to our Ann Arbor jewelry clientele.