“Vintage” Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement RingWe’ve finally found a line of “vintage” engagement rings and wedding bands that meet our standards! They are made in 14kt. Precise White gold, which means they start out extremely white in color and stay that way! No rhodium plating is required to keep them looking good. We’ve been using this alloy in our custom pieces for a long time…it’s nice to find a manufacturer who uses it, too. Come check them out!



It’s taken 45 years, but we’ve finally found a designer line of engagement rings that we thought worthy for Urban Jewelers to represent. The rings are made in 18kt. white gold with a polished finish second to none. More importantly, they use diamonds of the highest quality. The result ranks VERY HIGH on the sparkle meter! There are several halo styles, along with the more traditional and those a bit more contemporary. The only thing that would make these engagement rings more spectacular is a diamond from Urban Jewelers! We specialize in diamonds of the best cut, proportion and finish, most with diamond grading reports from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and with the clarity and color of your choosing. Also, from right here on our home page, you can click the “Search Diamonds” icon in the upper right corner, select what you”re looking for and see for yourself some of what we have. Best of all, you look at it BEFORE you decide to buy.

Elma Gil rings can be seen on The Knot and in national bridal magazines. But, better than that, they can be seen at Urban Jewelers, smack dab in the middle of Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor!

And don’t forget, when you buy an engagement ring and a loose diamond from us, you are entitled to a FREE man’s wedding band!


I’m bloggin’, baby!!

It’s hard to believe that we’re well into the 13th year of the new millennium. We’ve survived Y2K, 9-11, the collapse of Wall Street, the near-bankruptcy of two of the domestic auto-makers and most recently, the end of the world this past December. It’s been quite a ride, but here we are, on the other side of it all.

It’s also been a fast 25 years for us, Urban Jewelers, in downtown Ann Arbor. We opened our current location in May of 1988, and much has changed down here since then. Many of the businesses are gone, among them Kline’s, Fiegel’s, Ann Arbor Clothing and Lucky Drugs. Others have relocated, like Mast Shoes, Sixteen Hand, Renaissance, Four Directions and Deluxe Drapery (twice!). I can’t even begin to recall the changes to the restaurant scene…I’d need a couple of pages for that!!

So…is there anything in downtown Ann Arbor that is the same as it was, 25 years ago? Well, yes there is. A few of us have been able to hang on for the wild ride the economy has put us through…and come out strong! I’m proud to say that Urban Jewelers is among those survivors! Oh, we’ve made subtle changes, like painting the inside and out of the building, new carpeting, LED lighting…mostly cosmetic things. But the things that really matter, both to you and to us, haven’t changed at all. For example, our core staff…four of the five who were with us 25 years ago are still with us (the fifth being my dear father-in-law, who passed away in 2009). Our business principles, our level of professional yet personal service and knowledge and love of what we do…you know…the really important stuff…none of that has changed!

That’s all fine and good, but without you, our loyal clients (many of whom have become personal friends), we’d have gone the way of the dinosaur, Jiffy Pop and S & H Green Stamps! So to all of you, we say thanks for 45 great years, the last 25 here in downtown A2. And to those of you who haven’t a clue as to what I’m talking about, what are you waiting for??? Get in here and check us out!