April Birthstone


The name diamond, April’s birthstone, comes from the Greek “adamas”, which means “unconquerable”.  Since the first diamond discovery over 3,000 years ago, diamond’s unique hardness and high refractive index have inspired legends.  To the Greeks, they were teardrops from the gods.  The Romans believed them to be from the falling stars that tipped the arrow of Eros, the god of love.  For the Hindus, diamonds were the lightning that armed the hand of the god Indra.  Up until the 19th century, only men wore diamonds…but since then, women have really caught on!

Of course, we are most familiar with the traditional colorless diamond.  It’s value is guided by the “4 C’s”, specifically color, clarity, cut and carat weight.  Diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man, which makes it ideal for daily wear.  Also, it stays bright and brilliant longer, again, because of its hardness.

However, fans of diamonds may not realize that there are other color options.  Colored diamonds, or “fancies”, are becoming increasing popular.

diamonds colored 03Yellows are the most popular natural colored diamonds.

Pink diamonds, rarer and more costly than yellows, rank second in popularity.

Natural blues are also rare and quite valuable. It is the greens and reds, however, that are the rarest of all natural colored diamonds, and their prices reflect as much.

A less expensive alternative to natural colored diamonds are irradiated diamonds. In fact, the colors can be even more intense and unique.

Diamonds work well on any part of the body…ears, neck, fingers, wrists, bellybutton…anywhere you can imagine! When it comes to wearing diamonds, there is no wrong way!

Ring68-01At Urban Jewelers, we have a large collection of unique diamond pieces, as well as loose gemstones.  If you have something special in mind, come on in.  We can help you put together something that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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