Custom Jewelry Design in Ann Arbor

Design your very own custom jewelry right here in Ann Arbor

Custom Jewelry Design Process

  1. custom jewelry design in ann arbor michiganGive some initial thought to what you may want. For example: What color metal? Stones or no stones? If stones, what kind or color? Right hand or left and for which finger? In the case of engagement rings, one ring or two? Come in to Urban Jewelers for an initial consultation. Call and set up an appointment if that is more convenient
  2. We will listen (the key to success) to what you want, offer guidance or alternative suggestions that may not have occurred to you (this is what we do for a living, after all!). Stones are considered and, while we have an extensive collection of colored gemstones and diamonds, we may have to search various sources for just the right stone.
  3. Custom Jewelry Design in Ann ArborThe next step is usually a wax model. This actually becomes the final product (through the lost wax casting process, which we’ll talk about later), so it is a very critical step. This is the best time to make changes. Final decisions must be made, i.e.: white gold or platinum?
  4. The piece then goes to casting and the long process of clean-up and assembly.
  5. A beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is packaged and presented to you, and, most importantly, you have the only one like it!
  6. The entire process averages 3 weeks–a little longer for platinum.