December Birthstone

Blue Zircon

During the Victorian period, zircon may have gained a considerable amount of recognition as a stand-in for diamond, but it certainly has enough favorable characteristics to be a lovely gem in its own right.  In fact, zircon has more fire than diamond and, although it is generally perceived to be a colorless stone, it occurs in a rainbow of colors.

The most preferred among these is blue, the birthstone for December. Those who are born during this month may be interested to know that zircon was once widely believed to provide its wearer with wisdom, honor and riches.

bs19As if these conferred benefits were not enough, those who wear this doubly-refractive gemstone will be rewarded with a sparkling piece of jewelry!

Other acceptable December birthstones are lapis lazuli and turquoise.

blue-zircon-ring-q1beh12oAs always, outstanding examples of these incredible gemstones in one-of-a-kind settings are available and awaiting you here at URBAN JEWELERS.  Come take a look!

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