Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Diamonds

Now THIS is something to talk about!



Man-Made-Eco-Friendly-Conflict-Free-Diamond-RingUrban Jewelers is the only jewelry store in Ann Arbor, MI to offer totally conflict-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly diamonds. These diamonds have all of the physical, chemical and optical properties as diamonds mined from the earth, except these are grown in a laboratory! These Pure Grown TM diamonds are graded for clarity, color and cut the same as mined diamonds.

However, these man-made diamonds are, on average, about 30% less expensive.

What does that mean to you?

Well, a bigger and/or better quality diamond for less money!

Who can’t get excited about that?!

These engineered diamonds are available in different shapes, as well as fancy pinks and yellows, and in a full range of sizes.

EVERY Pure Grown TM diamond over a quarter carat (.25ct.) comes with a certificate from the IGI (International Gemological Institute) and is laser inscribed with its’ own individual identifying number.

Urban Jewelers has these diamonds in-house, including the fancy colors, and it would be our pleasure to present them to you and talk more about them.

Of course Urban Jewelers still has a large inventory of traditional mined diamonds so that you can compare and make the choice that best suits you.

We at Urban Jewelers look forward to sharing this exciting, new option for diamond lovers!