January Birthstone


Garnet1The name garnet comes from the Latin word granatus, which means “seedlike” or “having many seeds”. This comes from the resemblance the garnet crystals have to pomegranate seeds. This gemstone is rich in lore and history. Red garnets were thought to stop bleeding and cure inflammation. They were also believed to have the powers to smooth discord between enemies and to prevent bloodshed. However, Asian and North American tribes used them as bullets, believing that their rich, glowing color might caus deadlier wounds. Now, garnet is considered the gem of faith, constancy and truth.

Garnet2When most of us think of garnet, we think of the red to reddish-brown stone described above. However, those with a January birthday may prefer a tsavorite or demantoid garnet, which are both green. There is also rhodolite garnet, which has a rosy pink to reddish purple color. Garnet also comes in yellow, brown and orange variations. All of these possibilities, along with its’ affordability, make the garnet a very desirable gemstone…even if your birthday isn’t in January!

Garnet3As always, outstanding examples of this incredible gemstones in one-of-a-kind settings or settings custom made to your specifications are available and awaiting you here at URBAN JEWELERS.  Come take a look!

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