July Birthstone


Those of you born in July (including Cheryl Urban) share the good fortune of having ruby as your birthstone.

ruby 01Ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber”, which means red.  In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, ruby was called ratnaraj, “king of gems”.  It quickly becomes apparent that the ruby has always been held in high esteem!  Legend has it that wearing a ruby in a ring on the left hand or in a brooch on the left side of the body gave the wearer the magical ability to live in peace among his enemies.  Also, wearing a ruby was once believed to bring health, wealth, wisdom and success in love. While few of us believe that a ruby has all of these wonderful powers, it does have a lot to offer us!

rubies03Ruby and sapphire are actually the same mineral, which is corundum.  While corundum comes in all colors, only red is considered to be ruby.  All other colors are considered sapphire.  Corundum is the second hardest mineral after diamond, rating a “9” on the Mohs hardness scale. Due to this, it wears extremely well, even on a daily basis.  The most desirable color for a ruby is found in stones originating from Burma.  From a gemological standpoint, the finest Burmese rubies are described as having a rich red color known as “pigeon’s blood”, with the runner up being a pinker variety, known as “cherry red”.  Thai ruby tends to be more purplish in color than Burma ruby.   The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a ruby (or any colored stone) is to pick the one that appeals most to YOU.

Ruby ringJewelry quality ruby is normally found ranging from melee size up to around 5 carats. Rubies larger than this, with any quality, are exceedingly rare.

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“The gleaming ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born.
For thus they’ll be exempt and free,
From lover’s doubts and anxiety!”

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