October Birthstone


opalThe birthstone for October, was long known as the Wish Stone because it was supposed to grant wishes and personal happiness. The most common and affordable variety of opal is called milky opal, or white opal, because it shows play-of-color against a white, translucent to semi-translucent background. Colors may show as patches (“broadflash”) or tiny “pinpoints” and are usually light and bright pinks and greens.

Jelly opals and crystal opals are transparent to semi-transparent. Their play-of-color is a subtle sheen of color dancing through the gem, rather than color patches. The most valuable opals are black or gem bright colors against a dark, translucent to opaque background.

Earring Urban Jewelers in Ann Arbor, MIAn Interesting Alternative

Opal may be the birthstone for October, but tourmaline is often presented as an alternative birthstone for the month. To some, red-and-green tourmaline may provide a reminder that October is the month in which the leaves turn from green to red. Tourmaline’s versatility does not stop there. This most versatile gemstone is available in arrangements.

pendant04-01The so-called “watermelon” tourmaline looks much like fruit that lends its name, with red in the center and a green outer coating that somewhat resembles a rind. To top that, a tri-colored tourmaline is one-third blue, one-third green, and one-third yet another color.

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